• How We Work Together
  • The Jacob Group search professional that specializes in your industry or function can mean the difference between finding just another job and making the right career move.

    In general, Jacob Group search professionals will work with candidates in one of two possible ways:

    1) As a potential candidate for an active search assignment with a existing client

    2) In limited cases, if you are an exceptional talent, we can help market you to both existing and potential new clients based upon your career interests

    Regardless of how we work together, we will conduct a thorough analysis of your critical experiences, accomplishments, strengths, developmental opportunities, personal and professional goals, and career motivations. If this fits the needs of our clients, we will present your credentials and remain your advocate and partner throughout the entire search process. We will prep you before every interview and debrief with you upon completion, facilitate the offer process, and council you during your on-boarding.